Fibre to the X overview

Fibre Utility Networks is not only an installer of Fibre to the Home,Business or Premises systems, we also design commission and maintain systems for clients throughout South Africa.

We install fibre up to last mile, but also provide customer premises equipment and last mile cable drops or wireless solutions.

We have done installations throughout Gauteng for the clients the likes of Vumatel, Dark Fibre Africa and numerous others.

Fibre to the home is one of the booming industries in South Africa at the moment. While we aim to connect as much of South Africa with quality fibre optic installations, our vision is to leverage off this high speed technology to facilitate smart city innovation and growth. IoT technology brings these initiatives right to the door step of the end user. We have been developing and testing various technologies and can now offer our own platform, launching in early 2018.What does fibre to the home offer:

  • Speeds of up to 1Gb/s on current technology. In future these speeds may reach the 30Gb/s mark.
  • A key benefit to FTTH -- also called FTTP, for "fibre-to-the-premises" broadband -- is that it provides for far faster connection speeds and carrying capacity than twisted pair conductors, DSL or coaxial cable. For example, a single copper pair conductor can carry six phone calls.
  • A single fibre pair can carry more than 2.5 million phone calls simultaneously.
  • Most of the internet service providers are offering FTTH services at great prices.
  • The biggest reason for an attractive price point is that the Internet Service Providers (ISP) want to promote this technology since it is future-oriented and is bound to grow tremendously in the future. If someone cannot afford to have FTTH, they can go for the concept of
  • Fibre To The Premise (FTTP) which brings the fibre to a particular neighbourhood or locality and is shared with others.
  • There are multiple FTTH vendors in an area. Because of competition, you will be able to avail these services at great prices. Many vendors also run offers to lure new customers frequently. You might be able to get great deals on once-off activation fee and enjoy and ftth connection

The future of fibre to the X

  • FTTH will be able to handle even the futuristic Internet uses some experts see coming.
  • The FTTH broadband connection will spark the creation of products not yet dreamed of as they open new possibilities for data transmission rate.
  • Using the past as a guide, think what items that now seem commonplace were not even on the drawing board five or 10 years ago.
  • FTTH broadband connections will inspire new products and services and could open entire new sectors in the business world, experts at the FTTH Council say.
  • Technologies such as 3D holographic high definition television and games will someday be everyday items in households around the world.
  • FTTH will pave the way for new innovations such as IoT, in a world where everything is interconnected and smart enabled.